With Adaptive Boost, Intel increases all core turbo speed of i9-11900k up to 5.1ghz – if you can keep it cool enough

Today Intel and it’s motherboard partners announced an upcoming feature, “Adaptive Boost,” coming in a future BIOS update which will increase the all core turbo speeds of the soon to be released Rocketlake i9 K and KF CPUs to 5.1ghz with Thermal Velocity Boost, if you can keep the CPU temperatures under 70c.

Source: Intel

If you’re unable to keep the CPU temperature under 70c, the Adaptive Boost technology will still provide a 200mhz boost to 5ghz so long as you stay under the typical 100c TJ Max. In workloads strictly limited by clock speed, that’s a theoretical gain of 4-6%. Unlike Multi Core Enhancement features available on some motherboards, enabling Adaptive Boost will not be considered overclocking by Intel – and thus, does not void your warranty.

This feature is not yet present in any existing z590 boards we have tested. An Intel representative on Reddit said to “Keep an eye out for motherboard software updates”, so we hope to see this feature land in future BIOS updates soon.

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