The New Mobile Gaming Standard: ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 Review and Performance Benchmarks

Vega 8 Gaming Benchmarks and Battery Life



FTL: Faster Than Light

Enter The Gungeon

Torchlight II

Not only is a solid 30 FPS attainable on the G14 while gaming on the battery, 60 FPS is as well. Both the silent and performance profiles delivered respectable performance in every game, though Torchlight II did drop quite a few frames with the silent profile. Keep in mind, however, that this is all 1080p gaming with maximum settings. I also turned on V Sync and frame caps (except in Minecraft which has neither) to reduce framerates in order to get more battery life, so there is more performance on the table should you need it for whatever reason.

But, again, this is a gaming test while on the battery, so the 60 FPS cap is actually desirable. As for battery life, it seems pretty decent. You’re not going to be gaming all day on this laptop, but trading about 15% of your battery life for a half hour of gaming is not bad, especially when considering these results were achieved at max display brightness, meaning there is room for improvement. Compared to something like the Switch, which doesn’t get a ton of battery life either, the G14 does respectably. I would also recommend using the performance profile instead of the silent profile since the performance profile’s power consumption wasn’t much higher than the silent profile’s even though it delivered much smoother gameplay.

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