The New Mobile Gaming Standard: ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 Review and Performance Benchmarks

RTX 2060 Gaming Benchmarks

Hitman 2

The silent profile has zeroes because Hitman 2 would not load the Paris map (which is where I benchmark) on the silent profile. Even the menu was laggy so I imagine the performance would have been poor in game anyways.

Witcher 3

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

Grand Theft Auto V

Rainbow Six Siege

Some of you might be surprised how bad the performance is here for the silent profile given that it did fine on Firestrike and Time Spy on the first runs. Well, what the silent profile ends up doing is limiting the GPU’s memory clock speed to 800 MHz, which is far down from the 5500 MHz it normally gets under performance and turbo profiles. Games, evidently, really depend on that bandwidth. Additionally, the GPU core doesn’t really throttle, so what ASUS has basically done is spending a dollar to save a penny; that is, turning down the memory frequency to save a few watts while destroying performance instead of just turning down the core clock speed to save even more power while retaining more performance. For gaming on the 2060, I strongly recommend staying away from the silent profile.

One interesting tidbit is the performance profile. In every game, it pretty much matched the turbo profile, which only had slightly higher 99th percentiles. But in the Civilization VI: Gathering Storm AI benchmark, it actually did worse than even the silent profile, and the turbo profile was of course ahead of both others. I think this is because the performance profile struggles to keep both the CPU’s and GPU’s performance retained, if the load is heavy enough. This didn’t come up in Firestrike’s combined test but the more CPU heavy Civilization VI seems to have triggered it.

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