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Our goal is for the AdoredTV website to be created for the community, by the community. What we want most is experts with industry knowledge, people with ideas or just wannabe tech writers to contribute with content.

For most of you that means sharing our articles on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, or even just leaving comments on articles. That all helps immensely with building community.

But maybe you’re ready to really impress with a fully researched article? That’s even better – and we can set you up with an contributor account on the website allowing you to publish your work. At worst you’ll get exposure from writing for a popular website and over time there will be opportunities for paid articles as well.


Most of you have jobs and don’t have a whole lot of time for writing articles on top. It’s the same for us.

As we said above, the AdoredTV website is a site created for the community and in many ways, by the community. Nobody likes annoying adverts so we made the decision to keep the website AdSense-free very early in the development phase.

However we also have paid writers keeping the content fresh – and until the site grows and is able to pay for itself, all the writers need to be paid out of the pockets of the owners.

On top of that are the usual site expenses and overheads of running a tech site.

This donation page exists so that those with spare change can help support the site as it grows in to what we believe it can be.

Let us be clear – the site owners do not receive a penny of any donations, whether they be through Patreon or Paypal.

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One-off donations can be made here – https://paypal.me/adoredtv

(Note that you can choose any currency via the drop-down menu)

Donating allows full access to our Discord server – if you donate via Paypal just contact us for an invite code (please provide details of your donation for verification).

Any and all donations first of all go directly to paying writers for their content, then site expenses, then if for some reason the donations ever hit a very high level, we’ll simply hire even more writers to bring you even more content, and give the rest away to charity.

We believe that’s the fairest way to accept donations in a way that benefits everyone.


The AdoredTV Web Team.

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