Sceptre announces 6 new high refresh rate (165-240hz) monitors, including 3 Ultrawide models

Sceptre has announced 6 upcoming high refresh rate monitors at a variety of resolutions – 1920×1080, 2560×1440, and 3440×1440 – and at speeds of between 165-240hz.

Of these monitors, I’m most interested in the C345B-QUN168W – which offers HDR1000, 3440×1440 resolution, and 165hz refresh rate. In theory, it should perform identically to the previously reviewed C275B-QWN168W – just with a wider panel.

Some of these monitors do not yet have full product pages. Those with published product pages will be linked below each image. You can also learn more about these models at Sceptre’s CES 2022 page.

Sceptre's C345B-QUN169 Ultrawide Monitor
Promotional material for Sceptre’s C345B-QUN168W

Sceptre’s C345B-QUN168W Product Page

Sceptre's C345B-QUT168 Ultrawide Monitor
Sceptre's E275B-QPD168 165hz 1440p Monitor

Sceptre’s E275B-QPD168 Product Page

Sceptre's 305B-200UN1T, a 200hz 2560x1080 Ultrawide Monitor

Sceptre’s C305B-200UN1T Product Page

Sceptre's E255B-FPT240, a 1080p 240hz monitor
Sceptre's C255B-FWT240, a 1080p 240hz monitor
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