RTX Super series to be announced July 2nd

Today, Videocardz leaked the announcement and launch timeframes for three RTX Super series GPUs, the 2080 Super, the 2070 Super, and the 2060 Super, and these dates correlate extremely closely with what WCCFTech reported last week. With Videocardz crediting the author of the RTX Super leaks from WCCFTech, it’s looking very likely that this information is accurate.

According to Videocardz and WCCFTech, the Super series will be announced on July 2nd, with reviews for the 2 lower tiered SKUs going live on July 2nd for Founder’s Edition cards and the 9th for custom cards.. The 2080 Super will get reviews “later in July”, perhaps meaning July 23rd which WCCFTech said was a possible date though described it as “tentative”.

As Videocardz explicitly noted in its article, the custom Super series GPUs from Nvidia’s partners are coming out a week after the FE cards which are sold directly by Nvidia. Videocardz heavily criticized this move, saying:

It should be said as it is, it is a very bad decision, which will affect the sales of AIC cards. The criticism is justified and we are probably the only site that can tell you this right now (because everyone else is under embargo). It is not only anti-consumer, whose opinion will be based on Founders Edition cards only, but also anti-partner behavior.

If this is the case, then it seems that Nvidia is wanting to push consumers towards their own FE cards. In doing so, Nvidia stands to gain since cutting out the middle man increases the profit made on selling these GPUs. This is of course not officially confirmed, but Videocardz is almost always reliable.

Overall, the Super series seems to be one part a reaction to AMD’s Navi GPUs arriving July 7th and another part a reaction to Turing’s lukewarm sales. With the 5700 XT and the 5700 being only somewhat competitive against the 2070 and 2060 respectively, Nvidia could remain competitive with the new Super series, as long as it provides better bang for the buck than the original 20 series.

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