Reviewed: BeQuiet! Silent Base 802 Window Computer Case

I recently reviewed BeQuiet’s SHADOW ROCK SLIM 2 budget CPU cooler, and found it to be a strong contender, especially when paired with a second fan. BeQuiet also sent a case for me to test the cooler with, the Silent Base 802 Window. Unlike the SHADOW ROCK SLIM 2 – this is not a budget case, with a MSRP of $169.99

It comes in a standard cardboard box with product information on the outside, protected by sturdy foam.

The Silent Base is a fairly large case, measuring 539x245x507mm. As it is a larger case, at 13.15kg it weighs about twice as much as the smaller DeepCool Matrexx 55 Mesh (6.6kg). The case is comprised of tempered glass, ABS, and Steel.

The Silent Base comes with two choices for front panels – the default is a flat panel with noise dampening, but there is also a mesh front available for those who prefer maximum airflow.

The top panel also has choices between a covering with directed flow to the rear and noise reduction or mesh for maximum air flow.

The front panel has 2x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type A ports and 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C port, as well as audio, led indicators, and a fan control switch.

At the rear you’ll find the standard exhaust, 7 PCI-e slots, 2 vertical PCI-e slots, and PSU Shroud.

Both side panels are opened by popping a button on the back of the case, but you can secure the panels further with a screw if you feel the need.

Removing the front panel reveals the included 2x 140mm Pure Wings 2, which are extremely quiet running at only up to 1000RPMs. The front panel switch allows you to switch from 4 speed settings for your fans – auto (which lets the motherboard control the fans), and low, medium, and full speed fan settings.

Dust filters are included on the front panel, top, and bottom of the case. The interior has enough space for most things a PC builder would want, including motherboards of up to EATX size, and supports even the most massive of CPU coolers. If you prefer watercooling, this case comes with a removable tray to make the installation of a radiator easier.

The back of the case has the fan hub and space for both SSDs and HDD cages, one of which is located directly behind the CPU backplate – but is easily removed for when you need to install the motherboard and/or change the CPU cooler.

I tested a variety of coolers with this case, and in the standard configuration CPU temperatures were 4-5c cooler than the budget DeepCool Matrexx 55 Mesh, it’s lower temperatures are within our expectations considering that this is a premium case. Additional fans can be installed at the bottom and top of the case if additional airflow is desired.


Overall, I was very satisfied with this case. It has plenty of room for the largest of Air Coolers or watercooling and the sliding tray at the top makes installing a radiator a little bit easier. It’s noise levels were very quiet even at full speed settings, just a tad bit louder than the Mattrexx 55 Mesh – but it’s CPU temperatures were 4-5c cooler due to good airflow.

This is an excellent case that you won’t have any regrets with, I now use the BeQuiet! Silent Base 802 for CPU Cooler reviews and comparisons due to it’s superior airflow and sturdy build quality.

BeQuiet! Silent Base 802 Window
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