NVIDIA Apologizes For Email Blacklisting Reviewer, Retracts Original Statements

In what could only be described as a roller coaster ride of events, NVIDIA has reached out to the team at Hardware Unboxed and retracted its decision to ban them from receiving Founder’s Edition graphics cards. This was reported directly by Hardware Unboxed on Twitter on Dec. 12th.

However, that wasn’t the of the end, as just hours ago, Hardware Unboxed tweeted that the company had once again reached out via email. In it, they reaffirmed their apology and asked that Hardware Unboxed share the email to its fans, which HUB obliged. The email, which we’ve transcribed from the original screenshot, reads as follows:

Hi Steve –
Thanks for your note. I just wanted to say again how sorry I am for my original email.
I overstepped my bounds and it’s as simple as that.
I love seeing all the ways reviewers test and report on our products and I value your contributions.
Suggesting that I would withhold samples because I didn’t agree with your commentary is simply inexcusable and crossed the line.
I failed myself, my colleagues, and the amazing community of reviewers I consider my friends.
You all work so hard in service of the gaming industry we love – you deserved better from me.
I hope you will forgive my mistake and give me the opportunity to be of serviced to you in the future.
It would be great if you can share this with your fans so they know how I feel.

Bryan Del Rizzo, Global Marketing Director, GeForce at NVIDIA

Speaking for myself, these words from Bryan Del Rizzo are appreciated. While they don’t undo all of the damage that has already be done, they do take step back in the right direction. You can read my thoughts on the original story here.

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