Noctua Launches DD1 Delidded Cooling Kit for AM5 Socketed CPUs

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Noctua has recently launched the NM-DD1 direct die kit in collaboration with Roman “der8auer” Hartung, a professional overclocker and direct die cooling expert. The NM-DD1 is a mounting spacer kit that allows users to utilize various Noctua CPU coolers on delidded AMD AM5 processors. By removing the processor’s integrated heat spreader and placing the heatsink directly onto the dies using liquid metal thermal compound, the NM-DD1 significantly improves thermal transfer and can result in typical CPU temperature reductions of around 10-15°C.

The CEO of Noctua had this to say:

“Delidding and direct die cooling will void your CPU’s warranty and bear a certain risk of damaging it, so this certainly isn’t for everyone, however, the performance gains to be had are simply spectacular, typically ranging from 10 to 15°C but in some cases, we’ve even seen improvements of almost 20°C in combination with our offset mounting bars, so we’re confident that this is an attractive option for enthusiast users. Thanks to Roman for teaming up with us in order to enable customers to implement this exciting tuning measure with our CPU coolers!”

By removing the IHS many of you already know it allows users with increased thermal headroom, allowing for potential benefits that Noctua lists such as reduced fan speeds and noise levels or, the most likely scenario CPU, higher turbo boost frequencies and extreme overclocking.

For enhanced performance, users can combine the NM-DD1 with Noctua’s new offset AM5 mounting bars (NM-AMB12, NM-AMB13, NM-AMB14, NM-AMB15). These mounting bars not only offer lower temperatures for regular AM5 CPUs but also for delidded ones by concentrating pressure over the CCDs. Users can expect additional gains of up to 2°C when using the offset mounting option with direct die cooling.

The NM-DD1 kit includes spacers that fit beneath the heatsink’s fastening brackets, compensating for the removed heat spreader’s height. It also comes with custom, longer screws to facilitate the reinstallation of the fastening brackets with the spacers in place. It’s important to note that other components required for delidding and direct die cooling, such as the delidding tool, direct die frame for protecting the CPU, and liquid metal thermal compound, must be acquired separately.

The NM-DD1 can be ordered exclusively via Noctua’s website for a service charge of EUR 4.90. Alternatively, customers can 3D-print the spacers contained in the NM-DD1 kit at home using the STL files shared at (NM-DDS1 spacers for coolers with two-piece fastening brackets and 83mm mounting-pitch, NM-DDS2 spacers for coolers with a single-piece fastening bracket and 78mm mounting pitch). Installing the fastening bracket(s) with the printed spacers will require four M3x12 screws (for NM-DDS1) or a single M4x10 screw (for NM-DDS2).

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