Matisse 2 Is Actually Real, 3750X and 3850X To Launch In July

Back in early April, we got an interesting rumor: AMD was preparing to launch something called Matisse 2. We didn’t know exactly what it was, but we knew that it was related to Matisse and that it would come out in July, if it was legit. This info came alongside our B550 leak, where we said the boards would come mid June and had intended to be launched earlier but were delayed due to a BIOS flashing issue. We initially believed that Matisse 2 would end up being a new die for the 3100 and 3300X, but we later reversed our stance. Then, fellow YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead corroborated our leak saying that Matisse 2 was a refresh and would be coming soon. Finally, just a few hours ago 2 more leaks came out that strongly confirm the idea of a Matisse 2 refresh: this slide from WCCFTech writer Hassan Mujtaba and this leak about a 3750X and 3850X launching July 7th.

But, let’s step back for a moment here, back to early April when we just leaked Matisse 2. If you were around for that, you would have been treated to all sorts of lovely comments. Here’s one from Reddit user mockingbird-.

> The info apparently comes from one of Jim’s “good” sources.

That means that it’s full of shit. There is no “Matisse 2”. The successor of Matisse is Vermeer.


Seems to have aged pretty poorly. Here’s another one from Reddit, this time from user 69yuri69.

LOL, Adored’s sources – $200/8c/5GHz confirmed


We do love a good throwback. And let’s have one last look at a comment from Reddit user tiggers97.

So far everything I’ve seen from “jim’s good sources” is a reiteration of the information out there already. Alone with a few “so what if I’m wrong” predictions.


Just as a reminder to everyone, we were the first to leak “Matisse 2.” But sure, we reiterate everything, sure.

So, the key takeaway here is that we were right and everyone who said we were bullshitting are wrong. To be clear, people who doubted our leak are entitled to do that; we’re not demanding that everyone believes what we said. But what we are saying is that it’s a really poor idea to gloat about how our sources and leaks are wrong, because then we can make fun of you and you can’t even report it since we own the website.

Anyways, we do want to point out that credit is due to Moore’s Law is Dead, Hassan Mujtaba, and HXL for finishing the Matisse 2 story. So, despite Zen 3 seemingly coming out later this year, AMD will be refreshing at least 2 known SKUs, likely with higher clock speeds and maybe a slightly reduced price. We’re not sure if this implies anything about Zen 3 or if this is just AMD wanting to squeeze a little more cash out of Zen 2.

Update: WCCFTech has checked with their own sources and is reporting that the SKUs will be the 3600XT, 3800XT, and 3900XT. This does not seem quite the same as HXL’s leak; it seems Matisse 2 is still not totally understood yet.

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