Lian Li Adds Electrochromic Glass On DK-05 and DK-04 Desks With F Variants

Lian Li has had the DK-05 and DK-04 motorized adjustable height desk cases since 2016 and they were accepted pretty warmly in all ways except for the price. The latest update uses Electrochromic glass tops which you’ve seen in places like offices, cars and in some commercial applications.

Electrochromic glass allows you to adjust the opacity of the glass, (you can turn this on or off with a button on the front of the case). Also the frame of the glass top can have ARGB light strips which would make the top act like a diffuser.

Previous models had some users complaining about the difficulty of building within the case, Lian Li has decided to help this time with adding a detachable motherboard tray design. The tray can be unscrewed out of the desk case that unlike previous versions will keep the PSU inside the case.

Much like the previous models the DK-05F is designed for dual system builds with two ATX sized sytstems inside while the DK-04F is designed for single systems. Lian Li The DK-05F and DK-04F is available for $2,000 and $1,500 repsectively on Newegg and at Caseking and OverclockersUK

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