InWin Announces Partnership With ASRock With A1 Plus and 103 Cases

InWin has partnered with ASRock in their new Phantom Gaming Alliance which aims to use ASRock’s Phantom Gaming design philosophy in cases, peripherals and other PC components. The first fruits of this alliance is the InWin 103 Phantom Gaming Edition and A1 PLUS Phantom Gaming Edition PC cases.

InWin says that the cases will showcase ASRock’s Phantom Gaming “Fast, Mysterious and Unbeatable Styling” whatever that means, using some rather cool looking red and gray accents on both of the all black cases.

“With our strong heritage in creating chassis designed for PC gamers, we are excited to join the ASRock Phantom Gaming Alliance. InWin and ASRock share a spirit that aims to give gamers the best hardware for their systems, and by working together we assure them that our high-quality products work well together.”

Nelly Hsieh, Global Marketing Manager at InWin.

To keep things a bit organized let’s look over each case individually.

InWin 103 Phantom Gaming Edition Case

This case uses InWin’s hexagon styled ventilation holes, a slightly thinner 3 mm tempered glass side panel while using a rather different top mounted PSU design, they say this will lend itself to better cable management and GPU cooling since you can use the bottom mounted fans for more intake which also leads to positive air pressure. This could lead to less dust but it depends on how dusty the area underneath the case is.

Inwin A1 PLUS Phantom Gaming Edition Case

After the rather successful A1 that InWin launched last year the Phantom Gaming Edition will be the same case with a new paint job. This case is made entirely of steel and the tempered panels, it also features a pre-installed 650W 80 plus gold PSU which is in its own isolated chamber and has its cables pre-routed which should allow easier access to the very compact internals.

No word on availability aside from the very vague “soon” from InWin, we will reach out to them and update the article when these cases are out in the wild.

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