Intel’s 11th Gen Core Rocket Lake Desktop CPU

During CES 2021 Intel officially unveils next-generation CPUs. Codenamed Rocket Lake, it represents the first major architecture revamp since 2015. It is built using the Cypress Cove CPU architecture and Xe GPU which would give AMD something to be concerned about, in the integrated graphics space at least.

Although we did not get any specifics during the show we know that the new architecture offers up to 19 % IPC improvement along with higher frequency on the single-core space as this is one place where Intel shines.
While the 10th gen maxed out at 10 cores the 11th gen drops to 8 cores this is most likely due to limitations of space on the die and the addition of the Xe graphics which offer up to 50% better performance.

There is also a new 500 series chipset to complement the new generation on the LGA1200 socket so we should see the 400 series get support via a bios update. The 500 series is also PCI-E 4.0-compliant however the 400 series will only get 50% of the PCH-to-CPU motherboard bandwidth – x4 vs. x8.

The top of the lineup is the Core i9-11900K at eight cores and 16 threads able to run up to 5.3GHZ along with official DDR4-3200 support.

We also know that team blue is changing the prices likely to be more competitive which was accidentally leaked by Dutch computer store 2compute.

Core i9-11900K€500 (~$604)8.9% Price Decrease
Core i9-11900KF€476 (~$574)6.1% Price Decrease
Core i9-11900€408 (~$493)7.6% Price Decrease
Core i9-11900F€384 (~$464)3.9% Price Decrease
Core i7-11700K€377 (~$456)14.6% Price Increase
Core i7-11700KF €353 (~$427)11.7% Price Increase
Core i7-11700€306 (~$370)4.1% Price Increase
Core i7-11700F€282 (~$341)4.1% Price Increase
Core i5-11600K€243 (~$294)4.3% Price Increase
Core i5-11600KF€219 (~$265)4.3% Price Increase
Core i5-11600€207 (~$250)6.7% Price Increase
Core i5-11500€188 (~$227)6.8% Price Increase
Core i5-11400€169 (~$204)6.3% Price Increase
Core i5-11400F€146 (~$176)2.1% Price Increase
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