Intel inadvertently reveals i9-10900KS CPU, but you probably won’t be able to buy one

Is a new Comet Lake CPU coming soon? Right on the heels of Rocket Lake’s pending launch, Intel has inadvertently revealed the existence of the i9-10900KS CPU via the terms and conditions page for it’s Crysis Remastered Game Bundle.

The 10900ks is highlighted in blue

How fast would the alleged i9-10900KS run at? Unfortunately we don’t know. The only official reference we have for the 10900KS is on this terms and conditions page, but I would imagine the boost in performance would be similar to that of the 9900K (4.7ghz all core turbo) vs the 9900KS (5GHz all core turbo). In theory, that would mean the 10900KS would sustain 5.2GHz across all ten cores – slightly more than 6% faster than the 10900K.

Personally, my gut instinct says this is a cancelled SKU. A faster performing 10900k might have made sense before the release of Ryzen 5000, but (in my opinion) it makes no sense to release it a month before Rocket Lake is set to launch.

Then again, strange things have happened in the past. AMD released the Ryzen 2700X anniversary edition only two months before Ryzen 3000’s release, and Intel released desktop Broadwell CPUs in June 2015 – only to have them succeeded by Skylake three months later.

Some users on forums have theorized that the apparent golden 10900K sample received by Linus at Linus Tech Tips was actually the unreleased 10900KS. We reached out to Intel for comment, who could not comment on the rumor but stated that the golden sample 10900K CPUs were the highest binned 10th Gen produced.

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