Gigabyte Launches New 4K Monitors Aimed at Next Gen Consoles

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Today Gigabyte announced their newest 4K monitors which are aimed at next generation consoles, though PC gamers like ourselves can still make use of the features listed. The monitors feature up to 144Hz 4K panels, and make use of HDMI2.1, which is ideal for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Gigabyte has announced 3 monitors: the FV43U, the FI32U and FO48U.

These monitors feature Gigabyte’s Aim Stabilizer, Black Equalizer and Active Noise Cancellation are now also available for Console gamers looking to get an edge online.

Gigabyte FV43U 4K 144Hz Gaming Monitor

The FV43U also supports KVM switching is HDR1000, Flicker free and comes with two HDMI 2.1 ports and a single Display Port 1.4. It also features 10bit color and a USB hub. For the full feature list check their product page.

The Details on the FI32U and FO48U are scant other than the FI32U will be 144Hz IPS and the FO48U will be 120Hz OLED.

So far, the FV43U is the only one we have pricing on; weighing in at a hefty $1099, with the pricing for the others to come later. These monitors sit up against the ROG STRIX XG438Q, which is currently $1099 with HDR 600 which is a VA panel as well. The upcoming FI32U will likely be competing with the BenQ PD3200U which is also an IPS panel. I couldn’t really find a competitor in the 48-inch range for the FO48U, just ASUS’s 65 inch behemoth the ROG Swift PG65UQ which is almost $5,000. I’d imagine Gigabyte pricing the FO48U at less than half that cost though.

We’ll make sure to check back with pricing once its announced. You can also check out our reviews on a 1440P 165Hz Gigabyte G27QC and the 144Hz 1080P Gigabyte G27F.

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