G.Skill Releases Trident Z Neo DDR4 3800 CL14 Memory Kit For Zen 2 and X570 Platform

G.Skill is probably the go to brand for enthusiasts looking for high end memory on a Ryzen-based system, and yet again G.Skill has released another kit of DDR4 memory tuned specifically for Ryzen Processors and motherboards.

The kit is the latest addition to the company’s new Trident Z Neo, which serves as a refeesh to the Trident Z RGB series. Set at 3800MHz CL14 which they say will still maintain the optimal ratio of 1:1 on the Infinity Fabric. For the unaware, everything past a certain speed will halve the speed of the Infinity Fabric, G.Skill has said the R&D team has tried to push performance boundaries as far as possible with this kit.

G. Skill Trident Z Neo Specifications

In addition to the 3800 CL16 kit, the company also has an entire lineup of Trident Z Neo memory kits, some of which are also tuned specifically for Ryzen 3000 processors.

FrequencyCL TimingVoltageKit Capacity
266618-18-18-381.20V8GBx2 / 8GBx4 / 16GBx2 / 16GBx4
300016-18-18-381.35V8GBx2 / 8GBx4 / 16GBx2 / 16GBx4
320014-14-14-341.35V8GBx2 / 8GBx4 / 16GBx2 / 16GBx4
320016-18-18-381.35V8GBx2 / 8GBx4 / 16GBx2 / 16GBx4
360014-15-15-351.40V8GBx2 / 8GBx4
360016-16-16-361.35V8GBx2 / 8GBx4 / 16GBx2 / 16GBx4
360016-19-19-39 1.35V 8GBx2 / 8GBx4 / 16GBx2 / 16GBx4
360018-18-18-381.20V8GBx2 / 8GBx4
360018-22-22-421.35V8GBx2 / 8GBx4 / 16GBx2 / 16GBx4
380014-16-16-361.20V 8GBx2 / 8GBx4

Looking at the above images, this Trident Z Neo memory kit is running at DDR4-3800 CL14-16-16-36 in 8GBx2 capacity with the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X processor and the MSI MEG X570 GODLIKE motherboard, reaching a tested memory bandwidth of 58GB/s, 56GB/s, and 58GB/s for read, write, and copy, respectively.

Like any G.SKILL memory kit, the specifications must remain fully stable under a memory stress test, as shown in the screenshots below, showing the 32GB (8GBx4) memory kit operating on an ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VIII Formula motherboard with the AMD Ryzen 5 3600X processor and the 16GB (8GBx2) memory kit running on the MSI MEG X570 GODLIKE motherboard with the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X processor.

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