EZQuest X40028 USB-C Multimedia 8-in-1 Hub Review

At CES 2023, I spoke to representatives from EZQuest about the products their company offers. Founded in 1994, they specialize in high quality accessories for PC and mobile. Their current lineup includes Mac keyboard covers, USB-C Hubs, Docks, and a number of cables and power adapters.

Today we’ll be taking a quick look at one of their newest USB-C Hubs. I don’t regularly review products like this because when I do I often find fatal flaws in them. I expressed this apprehension to them, but they were confident that their product would pass my tests.

In my last review of a similar device, Buyer Beware: ACASIS CM073 USB Hub with NVMe, Ethernet, and HDMI Reviewed, I showed how it’s USB-to-NVMe controller couldn’t handle the heat – resulting in operational failure. Will EZQuest’s X40028 USB-C Hub also fail under adverse conditions? Read on…


The multimedia 8-in-1 hub arrives in a small package, using molded plastic for the protection of the inner contents. One can open the top cover for a quick overview of the device’s supported features.

Unpacking the unit reveals the plastic packaging containing the USB Hub and and manual.

Features of the EZQuest USB-C Hub

High Speed Pass-Through Charging

You can charge devices connected to the hub, including your laptop, via EZQuest’s USB-C hub if it’s connected to a charger. It comes with 1x 100W USB-C Power Delivery port supporting pass-thru charging up to 90W output.

Source: EZQuest

HDMI Video Output

The USB Hub can be used to connect an external monitor of up to 4K 60hz via HDMI.

Source: EZQuest

4x USB Ports with BC 1.2, SD Card support

The EZQuest hub comes with 4x USB ports supporting BC 1.2 – meaning the ports will supply up to 7.5W when connected to supported devices. Two of these ports are USB-C, located next to the HDMI video and power delivery ports.

On the other side of the unit are 2x USB-A ports, a SD card port, and a Micro SD card port. While many competitor products are restricted to using one SD card at a time, EZQuest supports simultaneous reading and writing on both SD cards.

Durable Nylon Braided USB-C Cable with strain relief design

Source: EZQuest

EZQuest includes a durable, nylon branded USB-C cord with strain relief on the ends to insure the device functions without issue long after the 18 month warranty ends.

Usage results and conclusion

If and when I have a lot to say about a product of this nature it is a result of problems with it while testing. This part of the review will be short and simple because I did not encounter any problems while using it.

Video output works well. Using multiple USB devices at the same time worked great. I ran a variety of torture tests using the SD card ports, and it didn’t overheat. There’s not much more that I can say, this product works exactly as advertised .

This unit has a MSRP of $69.99, but it’s currently available (as of this writing) on Amazon.com for $59.99. EZQuest also offers an alternative version of this USB-C Hub, the X40030, which offers 3x USB-A ports and a Ethernet port instead of 2x USB-A and 2x USB-C ports. If you’re looking for a quality USB-C hub that won’t fail under stressful loads, EZQuest’s lineup has what you need.

For more information, please check out the X00428’s product page on EZQuest’s website.

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