Exclusive: Intel launches Rocket Lake, but the iGPU is currently useless – there are no public graphics drivers for UHD 750 (Article updated, Drivers launched on April 3)

Article Updated 4/3/21: Public drivers for UHD 750 are now available, and we have noted up to 10% performance increases in certain scenarios vs the press driver. Download the public UHD 750 driver, version 9316 here

During the launch of Rocketlake, I noticed a curious lack of iGPU performance reviews (my [p]review of Rocket Lake, available *here*, has iGPU performance figures). I thought it odd, but didn’t think anything else of it.

Later, after launch, I thought it curious that there were so few videos demonstrating it’s performance on YouTube. I didn’t understand why until a user on Discord asked me for help installing graphics drivers, as he couldn’t get anything to work!

I didn’t believe what he showed me until I went to Intel’s website myself, and indeed – there are no public drivers available for the UHD 750. This is really a shame, because to be honest – despite it’s meager performance – the iGPU of Rocketlake is a selling point to consider when the price of what GPUs are selling for is up to twice their MSRP, especially now that Intel supports VESA Adaptive Sync.

Source: Intel

Article Updated: On Twitter, Intel’s Lisa Pierce confirmed that Intel will be releasing public graphics driver for the UHD 750 in the coming weeks.

Article Updated: On the morning of Saturday, March 3 Intel’s Lisa Pearce announced that public drivers are now available for download on Intel.com, you will need to manually download them here because, as of this writing, the drivers are not showing up in Intel’s Driver & Support Tool.
In our (somewhat limited) testing of the 9316 drivers, we have noticed up to a 10% increase in performance in select scenarios – but in most titles performance is similar to the press driver.

Press Driver 9200 – 45 fps (left) vs Public Driver 9316 – 50 fps (right)
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