EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus Headset review

Picture of the box of the EKSA Air Joy Plus

Today we’ll be looking at the Air Joy Plus by EKSA, an ultra-light headset with 7.1 surround sound support. It comes in a small box (pictured above) for protection of the headset during shipping.

HeadsetEKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus
Price$51.99 MSRP, $39.99 on Amazon

As of this writing, it is on sale for $35.99 with free headset stand on EKSA’s website.

Code EKSAVIP will provide a 15% discount when it isn’t on sale.
Driver Diameter40mm
Cable Lengths2.0m (6ft) for primary cable, 0.8m (2.6ft) for USB-A to USB-C Extension cable

Inside the box you’ll find the user manual, a USB-A to USB-C adapter for those whose devices don’t support USB-C, microphone covering, and a carry pouch.

As I haven’t published a headset review before, I used the Air Joy Plus for a few months before finishing this review to make sure I covered all the bases correctly.

I’ll start by mentioning the things about the Air Joy Plus that I was neutral about.

Pulsating Red Lighting

When powered, the EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus pulses red from each side. This cannot be disabled. While I don’t mind the red accent, I would prefer if you could turn it off.

Or if you prefer, here’s a video showing the effect

The Earmuffs

The earmuffs are soft and cover even large ears well, but the material doesn’t breathe very well and as such can get a bit warm. On the flipside this means it would be great for listening to music on your phone outside in the fall or winter.

Now, on to things I liked about the Air Joy Plus:

Ultra-light weight headset

The Air Joy Plus is light enough that if audio weren’t coming from the headphones, you might forget you’re wearing a headset.

Long USB Cord

The EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus has a 2 meter (6.6 foot!) cord, so there’s plenty of length for distance or limited mobility.

USB-C Connectivity

The default connection of the EKSA is USB-C. This means you can use it with most non-Apple phones without a special adapter, as well as tablets (iPad included), and computers.

If you don’t have a USB-C port available, EKSA includes a 0.8m (2.6 foot) long USB-A to USB-C adapter cord. Despite having USB-C ports in all of my devices, I’ve used it a few times just for the additional length.

Now that we’ve covered what I liked best about the Air Joy Plus, let’s talk about the audio quality.

Audio Quality

The Microphone – The microphone’s audio quality is what I would consider ‘good enough’. It wasn’t the greatest, but it wasn’t terrible either. I tested it by using it with VOIP calls. However, my unit’s microphone kept reverting to a position that pointed downwards, making it so that others couldn’t hear me well unless I kept twisting it. No matter how many times I twisted it, it reverted back downward.

As I work in an industry that creates machines, I understand that defects happen – this is what warranties are for. EKSA includes a two-year warranty on their headsets, and offered to replace the defective unit when I reported the problem to them.

Music and Movies – Trebles were good and crisp using the Air Joy Plus. When listening to hip-hop Bass was decently strong, but was a bit muffled. However, it was not distorted – something I appreciate greatly as I can’t stand distorted bass.

Gaming – I downloaded the Windows driver for the Air Joy Plus and then tested it in a few games. The surround sound seemed to work well in games that supported it. Otherwise it performed sufficiently in gaming.


I have mixed feelings about the EKSA Air Joy Plus because I feel it’s MSRP of $51.99 is too high, but that said it is frequently on sale for closer to $35. It is a decent quality headset, the ultra-light design makes it comfortable to wear, and the inclusion of surround sound & USB-C support is nice.

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