Dough Tech caught in another SCAM, faking inflated pre-order numbers

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Edited 8/11/23: Added information about Dough Tech’s responses

Dough Tech, formerly known as Eve Spectrum, recently launched a campaign for their latest “pre-order” of the Dough Tech Spectrum Black. Intrepid users on Reddit took a look underneath the source code of the launch page, and found that the website was reporting a faked random number to make it appear as if more people were interested in the product.

Source: /u/kirkle8 on Reddit

Dough’s marketing has been active responding on Reddit in the threads discussing this issue on /r/monitors, /r/hardware, /r/OLED_Gaming, and elsewhere. Their responses which include “is there a company that really stands behind their product?” show just how much you can trust them to deliver a quality product.

Source: /r/Monitors

This is just the latest example of a deceptive marketing tactics by Dough Tech, who are no strangers to sleazy marketing tactics. Thousands of former Dough Tech customers are still waiting for their products – or refunds – to be delivered. Dough Tech has a habit of announcing amazing products with “release dates” much sooner than competitors, only to have those releases slip past a credit card’s chargeback dispute resolution statue of limitations and then conveniently never ship.

Don’t make the mistake of losing your DOUGH falling for a scam like this.

Source: /u/kirkle8 on Reddit

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