Corsair Brings 32GB DDR4 Modules to its Vengeance LPX Memory Lineup

Today, CORSAIR, a company known for making desktop memory, PC gaming peripherals and other accessories, has announced the addition of new super dense 32GB DDR4 memory modules to its Vegeance LPX high-performance memory lineup.

32GB Vengeance LPX Memory Modules Allow for Up to 256GB of Total System Memory

The company’s new memory kits will be available in frequencies of 2,400 MHz and 2,666 MHz in kits of 1x, 2x 4x and 8x, allowing up to 256GB of memory in systems with 8-DIMM slots, such as Intel’s HEDT platform or AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper platform. For those seeking even higher performance, there will also be kits with 3,000 MHz speed with 1x and 2x modules. What’s most exciting for us, is that mainstream platforms such as AMD’s Ryzen 3000-series can be equipped with up to 128GB of RAM using these kits.

Pricing will range from $149 for a single stick of 32GB DDR4-2400 CL16 and up to $1,199 for kit of 256GB DDR4-2400 CL16 Meanwhile, mainstream users looking to max out their memory capacity will have to fork over $609 for a kit of 128GB DDR4-2666 CL16 memory.

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