CoolerMaster at CES 2023 – Open Source, Cloud, Upgraded Cooling, Unique Systems, Keyboards, and more!

At CES 2023, I stopped by Cooler Master’s exhibit, where they showed me their latest products and a few products that they’re still working on.

Cooling X – fanless + custom liquid cooling design

Cooler Master had quite a few interesting products on display at CES. What particularly stood out to me was the (codename) Cooling X, a pre-built system powered by AMD Ryzen with a fully custom liquid cooling design which utilizes the side panel as a radiator, and is entirely fanless for complete silence.

“Cooling X is Cooler Master’s first desktop PC with a fully redesigned liquid cooling solution. It is a closed-loop liquid cooled PC, with integrated liquid cooled side panels. This compact, cool and silent desktop PC is totally unique and targets gamers and content creators that require maximum performance. Cooling X is plug and play small form factor desktop PC with the advanced liquid cooling”

I asked Cooler Master if there was any chance they’d offer this cooling system for sale to the DIY community – i.e. with just the case and cooling system. Unfortunately, it will only be available as part of a complete pre-built system.


Another complete desktop solution which caught my eye was the (codename) AIOX NUC, which is a liquid cooled version of Intel’s NUC Extreme platform. I tested both Beast and Ghost Canyon NUCs from Intel, and while I loved the bite-sized punch those platforms offered – I couldn’t help but wonder how much more they’d be capable of with liquid cooling.

“AIOX NUC is a liquid cooled mini PC based on Intel’s NUC platform. This extreme small PC provides gamers the tool to bring their game to the next level and creators are able to elevate their creativity without problem. It is equipped with Intel’s Core i9 12900 CPU, 64GB DDR4-3200, and 2TB PCIe Gen 4 M2 NVMe SSD”


Sneaker X, Source: Cooler Master

Cooler Master also had two extremely unique gaming builds unlike anything I had seen before – one was in the form of a giant red shoe, the other was a giant sized shark! Cooler Master said these systems will be available to the public for purchase – they’re not just marketing demos.


True to their namesake, Cooler Master also had a number of cooling products for the DIY community. To begin, they showed off a rough prototype of their next generation MASTERLIQUID ATMOS designs.

“The MasterLiquid Atmos series is our newly optimized liquid cooler to boost maximum performance with elegant aesthetics. With optimized Dual-Chamber pump to ensure maximum performance and quiet operation. Pre-installed New SickleFlow V2 fans that improves performance. Addressable Gen 2 RGB compatible with MasterPlus software”

I’ve previously tested Cooler Master’s PL360 Flux – and found that it offers a combination of strong performance with low noise levels. If the Atmos is better, I can’t wait to see how it performs!

Cooler Master also displayed their newest MOBIUS and HALO series fans.

Cooler Master’s existing lineup of coolers will be upgraded with these latest fans. They also showed two new air coolers – the Hyper 622 HALO and MA824 Stealth. Both look like very capable designs, but I personally prefer the 8 heatpipes and all black design of the MA824 Stealth.

“Cooler Master is unveiling its flagship air cooler and newest addition to the Stealth Series – the MA824 Stealth. With an impressive 8 heat pipes, dual tower design the MA824 Stealth delivers unmatched performance in it’s class”

MA824 Stealth (as shown from the bottom of the unit)

Not content to stick to cooling PCs, Cooler Master is also making a cooler…. for your phone?!

“Mobile Cooler that can quickly cool down the phone temperature when connected to the power. Aerospace-grade Semiconductor Refrigeration Materials with large contact surface to cool your devices. With smart temperature detective, fan speed can be customized according to your needs”

I don’t know what to think of this. On one hand, it’s a very interesting concept – but on the other hand, I don’t ever want a phone that will require active cooling.

Open Source, API, and Cloud Upgrades coming to MasterPlus

Cooler Master also told me about the updates coming in the near future to MasterPlus. In the future, it will be made open source and feature a robust API system that allows compatibility with a variety of devices. They demoed many unique ways this could be used, including working with types of hardware you might not imagine. They’ll have more to show as the software is closer to a public release date.

Power Supplies, 65W Chargers, keyboards

Cooler Master also showed a number of power supply units, cases, and upcoming keyboards.


Lastly, one really cool thing that Cooler Master demoed was the ORB X.

This custom pod has is both desk and an immersive gaming environment. It has custom speakers built into it which seemed of decent quality from my short testing of it, but you can also plug in through headphones if you want. The seat’s position can be fully customized using the included remote control, and the unit can support up to 3x 16:9 monitors.

If I had the money for the ORB X, I honestly think I’d use it for work. It’d be the perfect cubicle replacement (IMO).

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