Cooler Master Shows New Mobius OC 120 Fan Competes for Low Noise Title

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Cooler Master, a manufacturer of PC components and peripherals, has launched its new case fan, the Mobius 120 OC, which they say has been designed to deliver high performance and nearly silent operation while offering complete control over its operation.

The Mobius 120 OC has a ring blade design that uses interconnecting fan blades for improved structural rigidity and directed airflow. To reduce vibration, the fan comes with their patented corner-mount design with rubber feet, and it can reach an RPM speed of 3200 ±10%. Cooler Master uses a double ball bearing design which should increase the fan’s lifespan and reduce noise levels.

The Mobius 120 OC also includes a speed toggle switch that allows users to adjust the fan speed without relying on software or BIOS control. The center motor hub is made of metal to enhance stability and increase the fan’s lifespan. Cooler Master’s commitment to quality is demonstrated by the lifetime warranty offered with the Mobius 120 OC.

The Mobius 120 OC is the latest addition to Cooler Master’s Mobius case fan series, which includes the Mobius 120 and Mobius 120P ARGB launched in September 2022, as well as the Mobius 120P ARGB White and Mobius 140P ARGB unveiled during CES 2023 in Las Vegas. The Mobius 120 OC is the flagship model in this series, and it is designed to meet the needs of users looking for high-performance and near-silent operation.

The Mobius 120 OC seems like well-designed case fan that offers users more control over their computer’s cooling system. Cooler Master’s has some faith in the product’s design, and the lifetime warranty certainly shows faith in the product, though at its price of $39.99 per fan it also can be that there is some room in the margins to afford that guarantee.

This fan seems not to use any specific polymer materials like the Noctua AF Sterrox, Phanteks T30 or Thermaltake ToughFan‘s but is in that premium price point, which makes me wonder if they have just engineered these fans using ABS Plastic better.

The fans are available on Amazon now for $39.99 per fan.

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