Cooler Master Enhanced the Legacy with ATX 3.0 Power Supply Launch: V Gold i, V SFX Platinum, MWE Gold V2 ATX 3.0

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While the world is waiting for Nvidia to release more information and spec in regards of the launching for 40 series RTX GPU, Cooler Master took the initiative and continuously developing our first ATX 3.0 Power Supply lineup. These series are mainly focusing on optimizing the requirements of ATX 3.0 and PCIe Gen 5 connectors while making sure the unit is packed with Performance, Quality and suitable for the market end-users.

Revision/Enhancement of the ATX 3.0

When we look at ATX 3.0, we know that the power excursion will be up to 200% peak power on the power supply, which is the biggest changes from the past. Now, in order to hit this 200% of peak power, the 12VHPWR connector is required to be able to hit that benchmark. The most important changes is the 12V connector named “12VHPWR” which includes 12 Pin + 4 signal connector. And the function of the 4 pin signal can let the GPU card recognize how many wattage can supply the overall system from the power supply.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Last year Cooler Master unveiled a milestone in the history of contemporary technology: the very first small form factor power supply in the market with 850W, V SFX Gold series. Today, Cooler Master takes the successor and pushes the limit to the maximum. Introducing V SFX Platinum, a series of small form factor power supply focused on high density and maximum power. While increasing the efficiency rate from Gold to Platinum, we also added ATX 3.0 and PCI-e Gen 5 connector so even with the Mini-ITX build; this will be your last stop when choosing the right power supply.

High Density / Performance-Focused

The V SFX Platinum comes with 2 different wattages: 1100W and 1300W targeting Mini-ITX system builders who wants to go bold with their setup, but doesn’t have enough juice from the power supply. It also comes with a free SFX-ATX bracket that unlocks the limitations between each form factors, giving end-users more freedom and potential builds in the future. The V SFX Platinum are built with Full Bridge LLC design, quiet 92mm silent fan and 100% Japanese capacitors. By adding PCIe Gen 5 connector, V SFX Platinum can unlock it’s true potential and power up all Nvidia RTX 40 series GPU in the future.

Connect with the Future

Cooler Master is announcing a new line of the high-end power supply units under the name V Gold. After years of the original V series, a modern touch and futuristic looks has been added into the V Gold i series. The series is the improved version and specifically the next generations of high-end PC builders.

The V Gold i comes in two different wattage levels, 750W, 850W and both have an 80 Plus Gold rating efficiency, half Bridge LLC converter and 135mm fan. The semi-digital design allows users to monitor the unit’s status through Cooler Master’s in-house software, MasterControl. Users can make necessary changes based on personal preference and receive information through the software. This new series features a new platform that boast great performance from all fronts. Inspired by the past PSU lines, Cooler Master has endeavored to deliver something safe, reliable, and efficient for a new era of gamers, modders and anyone also who simply demands the best for and from their system.

Reborn / Reconnect from the Market

MWE Gold V2 ATX 3.0 is the next step in the evolutions of the ATX 3.0 power supply lineup. The intention was not to create a new product, but to improve a current one to be even better to consumers and end-users. While the MWE Gold V2 has been in the market for quite a few years, we decided to carry on the classic high wattage power supply with the ATX 3.0 and PCIe Gen 5 connector and allow users to choose what they really want for their builds.

The classic 80 Plus Gold efficiency rate and 140mm fans delivering the best performance and quiet fan noise at the same time.

All Performance. No Fuss.

All three new lineups are crafted with the best Cooler Master’s in-house designers, offering new power supply experiences and new market trend. We also root deeply with our communities, understanding what they want and what they would like to see from Cooler Master. Power supply is one of the most important components in the system build. So choosing the right power supply can be hard, but we have you covered.


V Gold i will be available for US$189.99 (750) US$209.99 (850) MSRP (prices may vary per region).

Launch Date: Q4 2022

V SFX Platinum 1100 / 1300 will be available for US$309.99 (1100) US$329.99 (1300) MSRP (prices may vary per region).

Launch Date: Q1 2023

MWE Gold V2 ATX 3.0 1050 / 1250 will be available for US$179.99 (1050) US$199.99 (1250) MSRP (prices may vary per region).

Launch Date: Q4 2022

About Cooler Master:
Established in 1992, Cooler Master is a performance PC component and peripherals brand with a track record for advancing the industry. From the world’s first aluminum PC case to our pioneering thermal technologies, we are committed to breaking technological boundaries and challenging the status quo. Our focus is to create a community for individuals who dare to stand out and embrace their inventive identity. Whether new builders use a PC as medium for self-expression, or hardcore gamers set up their battle stations as a confession of character, we revel in being Wired Different. We are a brand aiming to go above and beyond the build-your-own PC experience by creating cool products for awesome people to build in their own unique way. More information is available at and join us on Instagram, Twitter, Discord and Facebook.

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