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Which Computer Tool Kit?  



Can somebody recommend a toolkit that would be worthwhile for most use cases? Computers have a wide variety of screws and pins and need lots of different alun wrenches and that kind of stuff. 

Is there a brand that is well regarded or priced? 

Here is something to get the ball rolling, but there may be some other useful items to have...



And here is a recent review of kits, though I don't know whether they are reliable:



Some components I would like to see included would be a forehead mounted led light, held onto your head with a headband. These are useful for being able to see in nooks and crannies and are very handy out walking in the dark or camping.

I would like to see a manually pumped, reusable, compressed-air squirter too.

Also, a fixable, stand up on its own, large magnifying glass of some kind, so that you can work with both hands and see the details.

There ought to be some cups built into the tool container so that you can safely retain and organize screws that you have removed from an item.

Any other suggestion?


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Bondhus and Elkind are meant to make durable tools. (Some tips deform after even their first use.) Check if the tools are stamped with their tip, e.g. 1.5mm Hex, in case they become jumbled in use.

I can't vouch for the following but here is one with an anti static strap:


And here is a 110 piece one that ships from the UK:


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To simply build a computer or replace parts you get a very long way with just a PH2 screwdriver, and having an anti-static wristband can be a good idea.
Add a PH0 if you want to mount an M.2 drive.
Some cutter if zip-ties are involved.

Only if you want to replace a GPU cooler or do some other more exotic stuff should a special "kit" be considered.

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