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We should wait for which graphics card?  



If your GPU is OK at the moment (just about), is there a card on the horizon which will substantially improve on the exisiting offerings? (Is there ever such a card?) 

The Nvidia RTX cards seem to be deliberately throttled, and there isn't much software to support the featueres that they do permit.

A year or so ago, Jim was saying that AMD have basically lost the struggle to compete with Nvidia. Intel's forthcoming discrete GPUs are aimed at the low-mid level market, the first few releases anyway.

So what should keep us from buying for a while longer?


I'd say it depends on what level of performance you're looking for.
Personally I have a GTX 1060 since a few years back and it's good enough for me. I plan to replace it when I get something almost twice as fast at close to $250. Don't expect that to happen anytime soon...
That said I'm curious what the next generations from Nvidia and AMD will bring.
My suggestion would be to simply stay put and observe until either you really need a better video card or there is something significantly better than what you have available at a really good price.

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Big Navi is gonna be really fast but probably Q3 before it's seen.  Otherwise there won't be an awful lot coming anytime soon I fear.


Wow, Jim, thank you for looking at my question! I couldn't hope for a better answer. Keep well!

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