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RX 5700 or RX 5700 XT?  




I have i7 4790K which I don't want to replace yet. I had a GTX 1080 which I sold for good money and now I am wondering should I buy RX 5700 or RX 5700 XT to replace it? Will these cards be bottlenecked by my CPU? I really need help asap since I want to order soon...


2 Answers

What resolution do you game at? What sort of games?

In lightly threaded games (given it's a quad core and I don't know if you've switched off SMT due to security) it wouldn't be an issue at the clocks.

Given I own neither I'll let you update your question and let others continue.



I play at 1080p 144hz. FPS games like Squad, Arma 3, RPGs like Dark Souls series and many more... I did not turn off SMT... Is it mandatory? What kind of security problem?

Anyway I would like to know for my kind of gaming will RX 5700 or RX 5700 XT be bottlenecged in a degree that is not worth buying them...


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