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Purchase refurbished or open boxed hardware?  



Some components, especially the graphics card and CPU on a higher end build, are particularly expensive, so if you can save 10-20% or so off the new price by buying a refurbished part from a big online retailer, it could save you a lot of money, or it could enable you to purchase the build you are waiting to start earlier.

What do you think about these used parts? 

I am tempted, but I wonder whether others purchase the CPU, overclock it to see how it performs, and send it back if they aren't lucky with the chip. I wouldn't be surprised if they keep doing that.

The warranty is shorter too, usually.

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Normally it shouldn't be a problem. That said, the one time I did buy refurbished I got into trouble...

I purchased a refurbished water block (Alphacool Nexxxos XP3) to cool my Ryzen CPU. That model of water block, when new, come with mounting screws for AM2/3/4 and a bunch of Intel sockets. To mount it on AM4 you also need to buy a separate mounting frame, which I did.

As I went through the package I found several mounting screws provided, more than provided with new blocks, but not a single one for AM sockets! The refurbisher had added a bag of spare screws as provided by Alphacool, but Alphacool doesn't provide any spare AMD screws for that waterblock. 😪

I think the lesson learned is that "open box" should be a non-issue and refurbished is fine as long as you intend to use it much like the previous user.


Open Box hardware might not have been used, I think. They come with a caveat that all of the bits and bobs that are needed to make it work/attach it to your machine, might not all be included.

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