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Please spec an AMD 3950x Gaming Build  



I am interested to see the choice of memory, and why that is chosen. I would also like to hear why the 3950x would be much better for gaming than a thread ripper, other than it would be cheaper. (I think in the long term, CPUs with many more cores will have much longer term value.)

Also, why would you choose that case? And that PSU? (The machine would be on almost all day every day...)


There is not going to be a huge ammount of difference between TR and R9.

Do games generally make good use of more than 8 Cores? No.

Will games of the future make better use of more than 8 cores? Yes.

Will either a 3950X or a TR CPU be the best option for gaming when games are heavily multi threaded in future? No

Will more cores trickle down to cheaper lower end SKUs in future? Yes


Long and short - Buy what you need now. If its gaming mainly you dont need a Ryzen 9 let alone a ThreadRipper.

If its anything other than heavy productivity you done need a Ryzen 9 or Threadripper.

Buy smart you wont regret that in the long run and unless you are using your kit to its full potential out of the box buyers remorse will creep in when in a year or so budget level chips on newer architectures start to beat out todays top end.

Of course if you just want an OP build to get soem online kudos for a couple of months then have at it and enjoy

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You seem to reference some suggested build. Which one?

Anyway, regular Ryzen is better than Threadripper because it's cheaper. Performance doesn't differ in any significant way.

While future games will make better use of more threads that shouldn't scale straight off with the number of cores. Definitely not so much that it's a good idea to spend lots of extra money on more CPU-cores instead of a better graphics card.


I have no pre-existing build in mind. If one would help, then could we just switch the 3950 for a 3950x in this build?


The only reason for discussing 3950X vs Threadripper in a gaming rig is that you require a lot of computing power outside of gaming. Then you should go with the CPU that best fit those needs and requirements.

For a "pure" high end gaming computer I'd settle with a Ryzen 7 because Ryzen 9 is overkill.
The money freed up would be used for low latency 3,800 MHz RAM.


That's the thing, I've been "fortunate" enough to have had rigs based around XEONS in the past, snapped up from old inventory or companies downscaling and selling off..

literally systems that cost more than my daily commuting car at the time... and the overriding feeling after a year or so - especially when Ryzen launched - was simply "glad I didn't buy this new"


That is a great comment, @F7GOS. It is something to remember when pondering high-end builds.

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