Does disk partition...

Does disk partition style dictate my ability to disable CSM/enable Secure Boot on AMD motherboards?  



I want to enable Secure Boot on my AX370-GAMING K5, but it seems like disabling CSM support in the BIOS results in no bootable media. According to my TenForums thread, it could be to do with partition style. All my drives are MBR. Using GPTGen resulted in nothing, and AOMEI Partition Assistant is telling me I won't be able to boot if I convert to GPT.

Before resolving that problem, I need to know for sure MBR style is what's restraining me from disabling CSM support so I can enable Secure Boot.

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To answer your first question: yes.

"Many PCs now include the ability to use the UEFI version of BIOS, which can speed up boot and shutdown times and can provide additional security advantages. To boot your PC in UEFI mode, you'll need to use a drive formatted using the GPT drive format."

Figured I'd give your question a bump because somebody else might know a way to convert your system off the top of their head.

Good luck!


you can download a copy of partition wizard pro version and that will convert from MBR to GPT but why not just back it up and rebuild as GPT ? won't take long and Rufus will make your windows installation USB to either GPT or MBR And if you have a SSD it'll take you about 20-30 mins To rebuild.

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