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Hey everybody,

I'm having a bit of a glum time, I should have been up and about for my foreign semester in South Korea. But... you know.

But I guess not all is bad, it looks like most of the organisation and preparation will carry over for next year (when this whole thing will hopefully be history!) and I have the full support of my parents in a first world country, so I really really shouldn't be all too upset.

Anyway, I'm thinking about minor details that I didn't have the time before to prepare for, so I thought I'd use the extra time to clarify some questions that I still had.

Regarding consoles, could I just bring my Nintendo Switch (European version) over to South Korea and expect the thing to work no problem, or is that naive? Somebody recently brought up to me that different countries have different electricity norms. All I knew before was that I need an adapter because they have different wall sockets over there, but is there more that I need to watch out for? Is there like a Voltage difference thing an I need to worry that Zelda will be exploding into my face?

I was never confronted with this question before and had always assumed that modern technology simply works "internationally". Any input?


Cheers and stay safe!

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Good question!

Most electronics today use a switched power supply that doesn't care (much) for the input voltage, so it shouldn't be a problem. (Look at the power brick for the Switch. Should say what voltages are fine to use.)
Most of the World also use 230V AC for power distribution. I don't know about Korea, but would be surprised if they don't adhere to that standard as well.

A more pressing problem could be online gaming where DRM can be defined by region. Your games purchased in Europe might not work if you connect in Asia. I have no idea if this (at all) apply to Switch games though.

Like @olle-p says, you are much more likely to face issues with regional DRMs locking you out than you are power issues.


I wonder why you want a console instead of a computer? Don't computer's offer much better performance for the same money and permit you to play a wider selection of games? You could choose a small NUC or something like that for portability...

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