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Display port gpu connection turning/keeping my LED lighting on after shutdown  



Hi all, I haven't carried out much of an investigation into this yet but just thought I'd ask here first - I finally got round to fitting up a 4k monitor to my system, everything works great with the exception of the NZXT Hue+ LED light kit when the PC is shut down (standby); the lighting kit stays on albeit in an old or second channel profile/configuration.

The 4k monitor is connected via an aftermarket display port cable to a (master) R9 Fury Nano (crossfire disabled) on Z170/LGA1151 platform. (I am planning to try the Samsung included-with-monitor-DP cable next.)

Everything works fine - lighting, gpu, monitor when in use. For the last year or so I run the hue+ on NZXT's CAM software with one channel on rgb/spectrum wave and the other channel on red/wings - saved as a profile. Previously I ran both channels on red/spectrum wave - still saved as a profile.

But shutting down and the pc turns off - instead of the LED kit turning off both channels stay alight; a fainter/dimmer red-only colour, static (not flashing/pulsing etc.)

When I pull the DP cable out of the back of the gpu it goes off; as it normally should/did with previous monitor (1080p connected via HDMI to same gpu, system)

Any thoughts/experiences?


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