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Best RAM Speed of 64gb RAM for 3900x  



I have watch mostly all ram videos for ryzen and I have the idea now for the basic price to performance ratio but no one tackle about ram speed recommendation exceeding 32GB or 64GB.. Because I will be upgrading my motherboard in the next few month with the MSI x570 MEG ACE. I already have 3900x on x370 motherboard right now. 

the catch about having morethan 16gb ram is the supported speed goes lower and Im planning to upgrade my 32gb ram to 64gb because I need it.

Do you have a recommendation on the speed? 


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I'd recommend  Micron E-die, for instance Crucial Ballistix Sport LT BLS4K16G4D32AESB.
Every kit from Crucial with AES in the name should be E-die.

They are very easy on the memory controller so you probably won't run into issues when you populate all 4 ram slots.
Go for a 3200 kit (unless way more expensive then 3000) and overclock/tighten them if you want even more performance. 🙂

Even if you don't feel like overclocking your ram at least see how far you can push your Infinity Fabric clock.
If you do feel like overclocking you'll know which frequency to target (you'll want to sync your ram and fabric clocks then)

Edit: If you are updating from 2x16 to 4x16 get whatever you have now. Mixing different memory IC's is asking for trouble.

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Thank you so much for the info! I hear crucial is a great brand for Ram. is 4sticks kit the same if you combine 2 kits of 2x16gb? because that is the option the store gave me, they dont have 4x16gb kits in here only 2x16. Sadly Im doubting ordering from amazon because its hard to claim a warranty if you are from the Philippines.


If you can get 2 kits of 2x16GB go for it!
A 4x16GB kit is preferable because the 4 RAM sticks are tested in a group and are from the same batch.

In practice I haven't encountered any issues either way so I wouldn't worry to much about it and I would definitely buy ram from a shop I know/trust. There is always a small chance something is wrong with the RAM even though they are tested in the factory before binning.

I am curious how it worked out for you, be sure to let us know!

Edit: My brain was stuck in another language, the post looks like English now!

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Yay! Im also thinking of waiting for november black friday sale to buy RAM, maybe amazon or newegg and just pay extra for the courier service, maybe that way I get the 4x16 bundle. Also looking to upgrade to x570 from my x370 🙂 thanks again Ype!

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