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Wait for new tech?  


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May 28, 2020 00:48  

I will get straight to the point here, hold off on purchasing a PC or wait till the new gen of cpus and gpus arrive? My computer is freezing and I'm struggling. Thoughts. 

Olle P
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May 29, 2020 08:01  

The general advice is to not buy right now, unless you need to. Generally pricing is relatively high and as you've noted new stuff is around the corner.

Another advice is to just buy when you need and can. There will always be better stuff arriving "soon".


That said, my personal advice would depend on what type of computer you want:

  • Any lower end computer: Just buy. Nothing new is likely to arrive soon.
  • Mid-range or upper: I'd try to hold on for a month or two, looking for either AMD's new laptop APUs or what happens to pricing when the Matisse 2 CPUs are released, depending on if you want a laptop or desktop.

More defining information about what you want is needed if you want better advice.


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