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OverVolted #9 - AMD's Leaky Ship  


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June 1, 2020 14:56  

Thought about making a thread for the podcast at the forums, hope it's fine 🙂

About the 5nm rumor, as I have understood it Apple bought the entire initial 5nm production from TSMC and left the 7nm, freed it up which AMD took most/majority (all?) of it. (I may be totally wrong on about this and this is what my theories are based on so....)

My possible theory would be that Apple asked AMD to make x86/x64 CPUs for their laptop lineup using Apples 5nm allocated production at TSMC. AMD produce it and Apple gets the dibs on them.

Intel can not compete with their 14nm+++ and with their very uncertain future, so I bet Apple wants to get an edge by teaming up with AMD. Apple has "recently" teamed up with AMD on the graphics side (e.g. RX580 series) and they might deepen their relationship.
Apple will probably go all in with ARM later but until then they might not want to be stuck on intel tech.

About ARM..... AMD is basically done with custom chip designs with ps5 and xbsx so they could allocate their custom chip team to Apple. Currently AMD is also delivering graphics chips to Samsung so the other theory could be that AMD is helping Apple on the graphics side as well with their ARM product lineup, ARM laptop and maybe even the iphone?

I don't think AMD could design their own ARM cpu chip yet (could do it in the future) but having their graphics alongside an ARM CPU sounds plausible.


*If* Apple is getting AMD x86/x64 CPU then they must have also designed/optimized their current software lineup which would also open up for a threadripper for Apple top of the line content creation workstations. Going all in with AMD like that could actually be very beneficial for AMDs "mindshare" if they make a big fuss over threadripper thrashing every CPU Intel has to offer.

Just theories, I would personally love this route because it would really help AMD on the PC side with the "mindshare" and OEM favoring AMD a bit more.


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