Navi the biggest jump in a long time?  


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August 29, 2019 02:42  

Having a think back at a few of the AMD / Nvidia head to heads over the last half decade or so and it just feels that RDNA is one of the biggest jumps we have seen in a while. Now while we know that the GPU "cores" between the green and red team are different and not directly comparable it is interesting to see how RDNA seems to level it out from a core count / performance stand point.


Kepler vs Tahiti
GTX 680 - 1536 Cores
HD 7970 - 2048 Cores +33%

Kepler (2) vs Hawaii
GTX 780 - 2304
R9 290X - 2816 +22%

Maxwell vs Fiji
GTX 980 Ti - 2816 Cores
R9 Fury X - 4096 Cores +46%

Pascal vs Vega
GTX 1080 -  2560 Cores
RX Vega 64 - 4096 Cores +60%

Turing vs RDNA
RX 2070 Super - 2560 Cores
RX 5700 XT - 2560 Cores +0%


In terms of performance / core, after years of needing ever larger layouts to achieve similar performance, seeing spec parity is a good sign. OK so fair enough its 7nm vs 12nm but still 🤣 

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September 18, 2019 05:58  

Decided to take the punt and bought a RX 5700 XT...

Also decided to go off the beaten path a little with the variant... 🤨 

Feel Free to check out the F7GOS youtube channel.

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September 18, 2019 21:29  

One interesting thing to consider is that it has similar clock speeds to the 2070 super. I don't think Navi has quite hit performance/core parity with Turing simply because the 2070 super generally outperforms the 5700XT. Clock speeds and memory bandwidth are relatively similar, so Turing's "IPC" if you will is still slightly ahead of Navi.

I expect Nvidia's 7nm GPU will be 100-200MHz faster in general than competing Navi GPUs, so AMD will still need to go wider to compete with Nvida. Then again, AMD will probably have RDNA 2.0 around that time, so AMD may have made some noteworthy gains in IPC, clock speeds, and power efficiency by then. Perhaps they will be on true parity (since they will be competing on similar nodes) or even slightly ahead of Nvidia in those fields.

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October 14, 2019 09:51  


That's the case now. But I wonder what 12 months of driver optimisations will do for Navi/RDNA 1.0?

I think the 5700 XT will end up out performing the 2070 Super.



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