Let's comment on the "Builds"!  


Olle P
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March 19, 2020 05:18  

I refer to these builds.

My comment on the "entry level":

The storage is simply too small for a gaming computer. Having to uninstall and reinstall programs all the time is no go.

To make a more useful computer within (below!) that budget I'd do the following changes:

  • CPU: Replace Ryzen with Athlon.
  • RAM: Opt for 2x4 GB instead of 2x8 GB.
  • Storage: Low cost ~500 GB SSD.
  • ... and it's probably possible to cut another ~$15 by picking a cheaper case as well.

With these changes the cost drops to about $300 (in the US), making it affordable also in geographic areas where pricing and/or typical income makes buying computers more financially challenging. The newer Athlons are good enough for gaming at 720p or 1080p using optimised settings in the games.

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