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Intel Xe Arctic Sound: Raja Koduri shares photos from Xe labs in Folsom  


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July 25, 2020 04:07


Intel will soon be entering the discrete graphics card market. They are meant to have 3 sorts of card, one for low power devices like laptops, one for gamers and one for data centers. I like Intel because they make graphics acceleration possible without the need for proprietary drivers. 

I hope Jim has a good article on these forthcoming cards.


What do you all think? My feeling is that Nvidia will be sitting on their bum for a few years, in the lead in a slow-bicycle race against AMD. They aren't going to "try" as their competition is not there at the moment. It looks like Big Navi and these Intel Xe cards will be released around about the same time.

Fortunately, there are a ton of really great games around right now that don't need Nvidia RTX cards! 🙂



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July 31, 2020 11:23  

Honestly, I equate Intel entering the video card arena with Pee-Wee Herman entering a heavyweight boxing ring.  I wonder if the high muckamucks in the Intel hierarchy ever saw the Avengers movie because they should be thinking about something that Nick Fury said:


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