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iGPU and CPU power target  


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May 4, 2020 15:31  

We are getting better and better mobile iGPU but also some laptop makers still like to put MX250 with like Ryzen 4700U. What made me wonder is how CPU power budget can affect iGPU performance.

When playing a game then there will be some CPU load and likely close to max iGPU. Now when some other task enters the CPU part it will use more power - could it cause power limit down-clock on CPU/iGPU or down-clock CPU due to total power with iGPU passing the threshold? And so assuming things like MX250 would have equal performance (ideal test scenario) could that be beneficial due to decreasing CPU power usage by the amount normally used by iGPU and thus possibly allowing better clocks or more resistance to downclock due to other tasks?


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