Got a decent CBr15 bump from a small BCLK OC with Zen 2  


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August 26, 2019 03:37  

I remember BCLK clocking was interesting for a day with Zen 1 / + until people saw it caused some issues (m.2 drives I think...) 

A small bump made a nice difference for my 3700x.  Pictured is a 102Mhz bclk.  I actually get slightly higher scores at 101.5Mhz. 

My SSD speeds seem unaffected. 

My memory is still stable (tested on blend mode for 1 h) however i noticed that my latency is lower at 101.5Mhz v. 102Mhz so perhaps it's not 100% yet. 

With the 101.5Mhz bclk, 7 of my 8 cores go beyond 4.4Ghz during the SC portion of CBr15.  Before, only 2 or 3 would.  My score before was 201/2160.  My score @ 101.5Mhz is 209/2217. 

Something worth investigating if you want!

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