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Field of Glory: Empires  


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July 30, 2019 09:46  

After extensive Beta testing, Ageod have finally released this Ancients, turn-based grand-strategy game.  It is top quality, which is not surprising considering the developers at Ageod and the publisher, Slitherine, are good people.

It is based on a new game engine, so there is sure to be a lot of life in the game and its successors and I am sure there will be some fun extras later. With a game like this, it is worth investing the time in learning the rules as the gameplay is so deep and rewarding and it is the start of something big. It is already Epic, actually!

It is a lot of fun to become acquainted with the different tribes and the local geopolitics of Europe thousands of years ago. Trade is detailed and the highlight is a Decadence dynamic, which means you don't want to simply expand and expand, for risk of declining your civilization level.

The battles which feature in the game are easily exported into an equally brilliant and deep "Field of Glory II", if you like. Sometimes it is crucial that you win a battle, so export to use all your skills. (Also, when there are few troops involved, so that you can spend more time in Empires than in Field of Glory.)

You don't need the latest hardware to run the game. The developers are constantly at work improving the already good software and are receptive to the many suggestions that player have made on the Slitherine forum. 

You can play in multi-player if you like, or solo. 

Highly Recommended!

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March 24, 2020 10:06  

I've just checked a video on Youtube and it seems like a pretty cool grand strategy game.


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