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AMD stability voltage after "Hot and Loud" video  

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After watching the "Hot and Loud"  video, I went to  better test my "workaround" for Black-Screen.  I simply disabled gpu core P7, also in PPT memP1 matched Hynix memory timings table to 800mhz.  (625 does not exist in the table)   

I noticed some artefacts in Heaven even with  max voltages in P7 (tried 1225mV after unlock),  so I´ve figured my issues were not from core.  But SoC /mem-controller voltage island.  GPU uses power from just the pciEx.    

by setting memP2 voltage to 1075mV (increased from 850 vbios default), i fixed the vdroop and artefacts.  

Maybe the long term increased you suggested is better achieved with a memP2 25mV increase by year...


ps.:  450w Electro v2 PSU

bios modded from asus-rx460-2048-160817-1

to sapphire-rx560-2048-170419

very stable in P6 even undervolted/OC to 1248MHz@1056mV;  (1230@1100 PulseOC vbios )

Posted : February 27, 2020 12:04
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