Cooler Master's PL360 Flux 30th Anniversary edition comes with special branding and lives up to the challenge of taming Intel's most difficult CPU to cool - handling up to 309W in our most demanding test with the Raptor Lake i9-13900K. When workloads are restricted to 200W or less it runs fairly quietly, and when TDP is reduced to 125W or less it runs whisper silent.
TrueFree's F1 have ruined most other headphones for me. The absolute clarity offered by this unit blew my mind. The ability to listen to music while still having the ability to hear your surroundings completely cannot be understated, you can have conversations with others while still listening to music or go for a jog/run and still be fully aware of any outside sounds.
In most common workloads, the Freezer 34 is strong enough to run Intel's i9-13900k without any limitations at all. For those who run high intensity workloads, the Freezer 34 will provide ~91% of the performance of a high end AIO. While I don't have noise level numbers in this review, I can assure you it runs fairly quietly. For most folks and the tasks they run, Arctic's Freezer 34 is a good air cooler which provides more than enough cooling to run Raptor Lake CPUs.