Bluetooth 5.2 certification listed for Intel’s AX-101, AX-200, AX-201, and AX-203 WiFi 6 adapters

A new listing on the official Bluetooth Sig, Inc. website indicates that Intel’s new AX-101 & AX203 Wifi 6 adapters, as well as previously launched AX-200 & 201 series, have passed certified for Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth 5.2 is an update which supports everything which Bluetooth 5.1 does, and it adds support for:

Low Energy Audio & Isochronous Channels – which adds support for hearing aids, uses less energy to transmit audio using the LC3 codec, and allow multiple headphones to pair to the same Bluetooth radio using Isochronous Channels. For example, you and two friends could each connect their headphones while watching a movie and then adapt the sound levels to each individual’s preference.

LE Power Control – a feature which allows for fine tuning the connection between host and receiving bluetooth devices for better signal quality and more efficient energy usage.

Enhanced Attribute Protocol (EATT), an update of the Attribute Protocal (ATT) – the main changes are related to reduced latency, the ability to link with multiple devices, and a new requirement that encryption be used for all transmissions.

Screenshot of the listing on the Bluetooth Sig, Inc. website
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