Big Navi and Navi 10 Refresh Die Names and IDs Leaked

One of our favorite leakers, Rogame, has started doing his leaks on his very own website, and today he published his first, which concerns Big Navi, otherwise known as Navi 2X, and a Navi 10 refresh that is supposed to succeed the original Navi 10 that released about a year ago. Though Rogame leaked these device IDs last month, we now finally have the actual die names for them.

First we have here Navi 21, the flagship GPU. Rogame agrees with previous leaks that Navi 21 is 80 CUs and has a size of 505 mm2. From this one die, AMD will apparently make 4 different variants: the XTX, XT, XL, and XE. Rogame believes this segmentation will follow closely with that of the 5600 and 5700 series of GPUs, with a minor difference existing between the top 2 dies but a significant difference existing between the bottom 3 and especially bottom 2 dies.

There will also be Pro variants based on the XT and XL dies.

Of course there will also be some Apple exclusive dies, from both the normal series as well as the Pro series.

There is also apparently a Navi 10 refresh that will essentially deliver current gen GPUs at a lower price point. It seems AMD is not planning to put RDNA2 on low end GPUs, with the Navi 23 GPU being the smallest RDNA2 GPU at about the same die size of the Navi 10 GPU found in the 5600 and 5700 series. To fill in the lower end, AMD is just refreshing Navi 10, which might be disappointing for some, especially if Navi 23 comes in at the same price point Navi 10 did.

Though this is not a bombshell of a leak, it’s really interesting to see how exactly AMD might segment the upcoming RDNA2 lineup. Rogame will likely be updating his leaks as he obtains more info, so we recommend checking out his website from time to time.

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