AMD Sold 91% of All CPUs At German Retailer In April

It’s not exactly surprising at this point to see AMD top the charts at pretty much any given retailer. Though we don’t have complete information about DIY PC market share, at this point it’s probably safe to say AMD is heavily outselling Intel and could be closing in on majority share, which seems to be reflected in Passmark’s market share figures. Mindfactory, a German retailer, reports its sales figures and AMD outsold Intel 9 to 1 in April, which is a record for AMD.

Credit: ingebor

AMD’s previous record was 88% of sales in March, so 91% isn’t much greater, but one should also note the volume AMD is shipping, which seems to be the greatest AMD has ever shipped at Mindfactory. Though demand for CPUs went up in April, it seems that Intel did not benefit at all and sold around 4000 CPUs to AMD’s 30000.

It should be pointed out that Intel CPUs seem to be somewhat more expensive at Mindfactory than at other retailers (like Amazon US), so AMD probably isn’t selling this well everywhere else. However, AMD does occupy 8 out of the 10 top sellers on Amazon US and the hierarchy seems to align well with what we see on Mindfactory; both Mindfactory and Amazon agree that the 3600, 3700X, and 3600X are the first, second, and third most popular CPUs respectively.

Comet Lake’s arrival either this month or the next will boost Intel’s sales but it’s doubtful whether or not we’ll see Intel reclaim significant market share, let alone a majority. AMD has been a surprisingly powerful contender for market share in DIY PC, it has to be said, and the upcoming Zen 3 based Ryzen 4000 series (which we have some details on here) will likely continue in Zen 2’s footsteps.

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