3DMark adds feature test for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR)

Press Release – April 7, 2023

We’re thrilled to release a new feature test for the AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution (FSR) upscaling technology. The new 3DMark® AMD FSR feature test using FSR 2.2 is now available in 3DMark Advanced and Professional Editions.

Find out more at the UL Solutions Benchmarks site.

3DMark AMD FSR feature test
3DMark feature tests are specialized for specific technologies. The AMD FSR feature test helps you compare the performance and image quality of AMD FSR 2 technology with a traditional rendering approach using Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA).

The feature test also includes the 3DMark frame inspector tool, letting you compare image quality with an interactive side-by-side comparison of AMD FSR and native-resolution rendering.

See an example comparison below of the AMD FSR feature test using traditional rendering and TAA, and the same frame using AMD FSR technology.

Comparing FSR performance and visual fidelity with the AMD FSR feature test
The test renders a scene from Speed Way twice to show the effect AMD’s FSR 2 technology has on performance and image quality. To make the 3DMark AMD FSR feature test compatible with all FSR 2 supported graphics cards, DirectX® 12 Ultimate features such as DirectX Raytracing are disabled.

The first run measures baseline performance by rendering the scene with TAA at the desired output resolution. The second run renders the scene at a lower resolution, then uses the selected FSR quality mode to upscale frames to the desired output resolution.

Use the frame inspector tool for close-up comparisons
The 3DMark frame inspector tool provides an easy way to compare the image quality of each FSR 2 Quality Mode with native-resolution rendering. It generates a series of frames displayed side-by-side for comparison. There are controls to pan around and zoom in up to 32× for a close inspection of the two techniques’ differences.

About AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution
AMD FSR 2 is an AMD graphics technology that uses highly-optimized temporal analytical techniques to improve gaming performance while maintaining high visual fidelity. AMD FSR technology is open source and runs on a wide range of graphics processing units (GPUs)from all vendors.

3DMark AMD FSR feature test – Available now
The AMD FSR feature test is a complimentary update to 3DMark Advanced Edition, which you can buy on Steam or direct from the UL Benchmarks website.

If you already own 3DMark but bought it before Oct. 12, 2022, you’ll need to buy the Speed Way upgrade to unlock the AMD FSR feature test. For more information, see our page on 3DMark updates and upgrades.

To run the AMD FSR feature test, you must have a GPU that supports AMD FSR or later. FSR is an open-source technology developed by AMD, supporting a wide range of GPUs across all vendors. For a list of officially supported GPUs from all vendors, please see the 3DMark user guide.

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