3Dfx Interactive to rise from the dead?!

EDIT 8/13/21 : As speculated previously, this turned out to be a hoax. 3Dfx is still dead.

On Twitter today, an account claiming to represent a new incarnation of 3dfx Interactive claimed that the company was returning to business, with a major announcement coming on Thursday.


However, we would advise that you take this tweet with a MOUNTAIN of salt. The image posted on their Twitter account is taken from a DeviantArt fan page, which isn’t something a real company with half a brain would do, as doing so leaves them liable to lawsuits.

For those unfamiliar, 3dfx helped bring 3D gaming to the masses and brought multi-GPU support to gamers in a feature called “SLI” – but later filed bankruptcy and sold it’s assets to Nvidia. Their website, www.3dfx.com, currently redirects to Nvidia’s website. TechSpot has a video going over it’s history, if you’re interested in learning more.

Sources: Twitter, DeviantArt

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