DeepCool's LS520 is a great cooler which provides top-tier cooling performance at a budget price. Featuring the 4th generation of DeepCool's in-house water pump design, the LS520 provides performance similar to AIOs twice as expensive at a very reasonable price of $109.99 USD. Unless you need a fancy LCD screen on your cooler, there's no reason to look at any other AIO in this author's opinion.
These are the quietest keyboards that I have personally tested, and that alone makes them great for office use - these models are also very comfortable to type on, even for long periods of time - unlike other mechanical keyboards which can give you finger strain if you mash your fingertips for too long. The build quality is phenomenal and extremely sturdy, like that of a steel baseball bat.
The Q0 numpad is a solid, sturdy numpad that will make a great addition to Keychron's numpad-less Q-series keyboards for those who need a numpad for work purposes. It's fairly quiet while typing on I joked that you could probably defend yourself from the Zombie apocalypse with the Q3 because of how strong and sturdy it is. Well, the Q0 wouldn't be quite as useful due to it's smaller size, but it's just as well built.