EK Water Block's EIO Elite 280 D-RGB has serious cooling capacity whether it's set to a silent noise profile or running unrestricted. It's the first cooler I've tested that has managed to keep AMD's Ryzen 7 7700X under TJMax during rendering workloads, a feat I previously had considered impossible. For this impressive, chart-topping cooling capacity I am awarding the EK AIO Elite 280 D-RGB our Gold Award.
The Kingston Ironkey Keypad 200 is an interesting device that provides a level of security for secure files that 007 would approve of. It also survived every torture test I put it through. However, I might recommend that if you use such a drive for secure file storage - buy two or more instead of a single unit. If you're going to have secure files, you wouldn't want to lose them by mistakenly misplacing a drive or some other mishap.